Interstate Travel Quarantines

Date of last comprehensive review: 7/23/2021

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State Quarantine mandate for some travelers start Quarantine mandate for all travelers start Quarantine mandate end Notes
Alaska--Mar 25, 2020Feb 14, 2021
AK - Effective 8/11, updated traveler information delineates between Alaskan residents vs non-residents which requires testing prior to arriving and upon arrival, self quarantine plan for 14 days or until test results come back; Effective 11/16, state issued new disaster declaration further extending interstate travel policy
ArizonaApr 9, 2020--May 12, 2020
ArkansasMay 5, 2020--Jun 15, 2020
AR - 4/4 banned out-of-state visitors in lodging
CA - 11/13 policy, updated 1/6, recommends quarantine for all out of state travel, but it is not mandated
CO - Starting 12/14, Pitkin county requires all overnight travelers to receive a negative test or complete quarantine
ConnecticutJun 25, 2020--Mar 19, 2021
Delaware--Mar 30, 2020Jun 1, 2020
District of ColumbiaJul 27, 2020--May 21, 2021
FloridaMar 24, 2020--Aug 5, 2020
Hawaii--Mar 26, 2020--
HI – To avoid a mandatory 10-day quarantine, travelers can test within 72 hours before flight to Hawaii departs with an FDA-approved nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). In effect for all islands as of 4/5/21.
Idaho--Apr 15, 2020May 16, 2020
IL - While there are no statewide travel restrictions/quarantines, the city of Chicago has a quarantine/testing policy
IA - On 3/21, the state recommended that out-of-state visitors self-quarantine but not required
KansasMar 23, 2020----
KS - 5/18 mandated quarantine for those returning from cruises and international travel. 3/26/21 mandated quarantine for travel from: attendance at out-of-state mass gatherings of 500 or more where you do not socially distance and wear a mask on/after 9/10, NJ or NY on/after 3/12/21, DE/MI/NJ on/after 3/26/21. Quarantine not required for fully vaccinated individuals.
Kentucky--Apr 2, 2020May 6, 2020
KY - 7/21 announced a travel advisory (not a mandate) that recommended those who returned from states with a testing positivity rate equal to or greater than 15% quarantine for 14 days; 3/30 order restricts KY residents from traveling out of state; 4/2 extended quarantine rules to anyone coming into Kentucky from another state
MaineJun 12, 2020Apr 3, 2020May 1, 2021
ME - Effective 6/12, the state's mandatory self-quarantine order for all out-of-state travelers was revised, so that visitors from New Hampshire and Vermont would no longer be required to self-quarantine
MarylandDec 17, 2020--Mar 12, 2021
MD - Quarantine/testing strongly advised in 11/17 EO, but not mandated until 12/17
MassachusettsJul 1, 2020Mar 27, 2020Mar 22, 2021
MA – On 6/30/2020, the state's mandatory self-quarantine order for all out-of-state travelers was revised, so that visitors from multiple states, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and New Jersey, would no longer be required to self-quarantine. updated 8/01/2020 out of state visitors coming in from states other than those under exemption are required to fill out a reporting form and get a COVID test.
MN - Travelers are "asked" to quarantine for 14 days, but no indication of enforcement/mandate/penalty
Montana--Mar 30, 2020Jun 1, 2020
NE - On 3/24, the state requested (not mandated) that travelers self-quarantine for 14 days if they are coming back from abroad/domestic locations where cases of COVID-19 are widespread
NV - On 5/29, the state strongly discouraged those who have tested positive for COVID-19 but not yet recovered, those who have been presumptively diagnosed with COVID-19 and those who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms from traveling to NV, but there is no mandate; On 3/31/2020, the state urged out-of-state visitors and returning residents to self-quarantine for two weeks, but there is no mandate
New HampshireNov 15, 2020--Mar 11, 2021
NH - As of 3/11/21, the travel requirements transitioned to travel advisories. On 11/15/20, travelers and residents of NH need to self-quarantine for 10 days following the last date of any travel internationally and domestically outside of the New England states: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. If the traveler or resident of NH is asymptomatic and has a negative PCR test on or after day 7 of travel-related quarantining, they may shorten or end their quarantine. Travelers and residents of NH do not need to quarantine for 10 days or get tested for COVID-19 if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and more than 14 days have passed since they received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, or they have previously tested positive for active COVID-19 infection (by PCR or antigen testing) in the last 90 days.
New Jersey------
NJ - On 11/25 the state advised travelers to complete a travel form and self-quarantine unless traveling from any state outside the immediate region of Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. This is voluntary and not a mandate. Previous to this date, NJ had used a method of suggesting quarantine following travel from select states (6/24/2020).
New MexicoSep 4, 2020Jul 1, 2020Feb 11, 2021
NM - Effective 9/4, the state mandated travelers from outside the US and states deemed high-risk based on COVID-positivity rates (5% positivity rate or greater or a new case rate greater than 80 per 1 million residents) will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the date of their entry into New Mexico or for the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter. Travelers could be exempt from quarantine if they produced a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before arrival. On 10/16/2020, per the amended Public Health Order, the 72-hour negative COVID test result exemption was removed.
New YorkJun 25, 2020--Jun 25, 2021
NY - Effective 11/4, the state mandated a new testing requirement for incoming travelers from a state not contiguous with NY (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont) or from any CDC Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Health Notice country. Travelers and incoming residents must take a COVID-19 test within three days of arriving, then quarantine for three days, and take another test on the fourth day. If both test results are negative, the 10 day quarantine (per amended EO 205.3 12/30/2020) can end. Exemptions include travelers and incoming residents who were in another state for 24 hours, but must take a COVID diagnostic test 4 days after their arrival. All travelers however must fill out a traveler health form. The policy replaced the joint quarantine list previously maintained with CT and NJ (6/24/2020). On 4/1/2021, domestic travelers became exempt from quarantine requirement.
North Carolina------
North DakotaMar 28, 2020--Sep 21, 2020
ND - On 3/28, the state issued a mandate that out-of-state visitors, from countries and states classified by the CDC as having widespread community spread, to self-quarantine. On 5/8/2020, the mandate was amended to only require international visitors to self-quarantine, hence lifting the quarantine for domestic travelers. On 7/28/2020, the travel quarantine order for international travelers was amended to exempt people commuting to and from ND for work, essential critical infrastructure workers and international students enrolled in a college/university located in ND. On 9/21/2020, the international travel quarantine was lifted.
OH - On 7/23, the state advised travelers from states reporting positive coronavirus testing rates of 15% or higher to self-quarantine for 14 days, but there is no mandate
OklahomaMar 29, 2020--May 12, 2020
OK - Effective 3/29, the state required visitors from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Louisiana, and Washington to self-quarantine. On 5/12/2020, the mandated quarantine from the aforementioned states was lifted and the amended executive order called for all out-of-state travelers to adhere to all CDC recommendations.
OR - On 11/13, the state issued a travel advisory (not a mandate) for travelers and returning OR residents arriving in OR from other states or countries to quarantine for 14 days after arrival
Pennsylvania--Nov 20, 2020Mar 1, 2021
PA - Effective 11/20, the state mandated travelers and returning residents entering PA from other countries and states have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering or quarantine for 10 days. If a traveler or returning resident is tested after arrival or is awaiting test results, then they can end quarantine early upon a negative result. There are exceptions for people traveling for work purposes or medical reasons and those who have left PA for less than 24 hours. This is a change from the previous quarantine rules on 4/13/2020 that reccomended quarantine when returning or traveling from specific states.
Rhode IslandMar 26, 2020Mar 28, 2020Jul 6, 2021
RI - Effective 3/26/2020, the quarantine only applied to travelers from New York, but after New York sued the rules were extended to travelers from all states on 3/28. On 6/30/2020, the state's mandatory self-quarantine order for all out-of-state travelers and returning residents was revised, so that only travelers and returning residents from states with >5% positive coronavirus test rates would have to quarantine for 14 days or obtain a negative test from 72 hours prior to arrival. If a negative test is obtained during the quarantine period, then the traveler can exit quarantine. The negative testing option does not apply to international travelers.
South CarolinaMar 27, 2020--May 4, 2020
SC - 3/27 required visitors from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Orleans to self-quarantine
South Dakota------
SD - There are no statewide travel restrictions, but as of 7/29 there are restrictions placed upon travel into some tribal lands if a traveler or SD resident does not have a permit
TexasMar 26, 2020--May 21, 2020
TX - On 3/28, the state mandated a 14-day quarantine for only air travelers incoming from: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Orleans. On 3/29/2020, the state mandated a 14-day quarantine for all travelers incoming from Louisiana using roadways, as well as air travelers from: Atlanta, California, Chicago, Detroit, Louisiana, Miami and Washington. On 4/27/2020, the state lifted the mandatory 14 day quarantine for all travelers from Louisiana. On 5/21/2020, the state lifted the mandatory 14 day quarantine for air travelers from: Atlanta, California, Chicago, Detroit, Miami and Washington.
Utah--Apr 10, 2020May 1, 2020
UT - From 4/8 to 5/1, out-of-state visitors were required to complete a travel declaration upon entering the state
VermontJun 8, 2020Mar 30, 2020May 14, 2021
VT - Starting 6/8, the state revised its mandatory quarantine that started on 3/30/2020 for out-of-state visitors and residents, so that visitors and residents returning from areas in New England with similar COVID-19 rates as Vermont would not need to self-quarantine for 14 days. On 7/1/2020, out-of-state visitors and residents traveling by car from low-risk areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia would also not be required to quarantine for 14 days. Starting on 11/10/2020, all visitors to Vermont have a mandatory quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. To end the 14 day quarantine early, visitors can take a COVID-19 test after the 7th day and end quarantine if they test negative.
VA - From 5/4 to 6/12, the state's Department of Health recommended that out-of-state visitors from states with widespread community spread to self-quarantine, but there was no requirement. The recommendation still remains for those who have traveled internationally or on a cruise ship or river boat. The Virginia Department of Health recommends that if one must travel, they get tested 1-3 days before travel and 3-5 days after travel, while reducing non-essential activities for 7 days after with a negative test or 10 days with no negative test.
WA - On 11/13, the state urged travelers and returning residents arriving in Washington from other states or countries to quarantine for 14 days after arrival and to avoid all nonessential travel, but it is not mandatory; Travel advisory rescinded on 3/19
West VirginiaMar 31, 2020--May 21, 2020
Wyoming--Apr 3, 2020May 8, 2020
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